The theme of the 4th annual Urban Native Education Conference is Indigenous Futures 2020: Connecting Our Histories, Present, and Beyond. The organizers of this conference are situated in Native Chicago, by which they mean that their focus, research, teaching, and service is working for and with American Indian people and communities in the Chicago area. With more than 70% of the Indigenous population of the U.S. living primarily in urban settings, it is clear that urban Indian education is a significant issue.

The theme Indigenous Futures 2020: Connecting Our Histories, Present, and Beyond speaks to the generational interdependence of Native people. Indigenous communities simultaneously reflect on the actions of their ancestors seven generations back, while also projecting forward their role as an ancestor seven generations forward. As we engage with the current labors of the year 2020, it is important to consider our place within this history. What future do we collectively want to imagine for future generations and communities? What methods and ways of being do we need to use or revitalize to ensure sustainable futures for Indigenous people? What does it mean to live in the year 2020 with this perspective in mind?

Call For Proposals

We invite proposals for sessions that address the conference theme. The audience for this conference includes Indigenous educators, scholars, youth, elders, and community members. Please submit proposals by Friday, February 28, 2020. Accept/decline notifications will be sent to the email used in the proposal process by Friday, March 20, 2020.

Session Proposal Guidelines

Session proposals should include a 300-word description that articulates how your session will address the conference theme. The sessions time slot will likely be 60 minutes, with some time needed to fill out and collect feedback forms from each session. You will need to share your goals, outcomes and learning objectives and any other information that will be helpful for the reviewers to make their selections. In your submission, be prepared to include a 75-word bio on each of your presenters, as well as share any audio-visual requirements you may need for your session. Preference will be given to those who connect to the conference theme and include interactive pedagogy.


Submit your session proposal at this link: