CAICC needs a Fundraising Expert. Are you one?

Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative

Inquiry for Independent Contractor for Fundraising Clinic

About Us: The CAICC is a network of seventeen Native American organizations and programs that joined

together in 2012 to collectively work on improving conditions for Native Americans in the Chicago-area.

A steering committee consisting of representatives from each organization establishes the policies and

procedures for CAICC. Since December 2014 the CAICC has conducted a Fundraising Capacity Building

Clinic that was designed to increase financial resources from individuals, corporate sponsors,

foundations and tribes to Native American organizations and programs participating in CAICC. The

program is increasing the fundraising capacity of these organizations through a strategy of

organizational assessment, on-site consultations, and training.

Consulting Services Sought: The CAICC seeks the services of an independent consultant for

approximately 16 days over the course of 2-3 months to complete the Clinic programs within the grant

period. Services to be provided consist of the following:

• Develop and oversee fundraising training to CAICC organizations

• Continue to directly provide regular fundraising consultation services to 5 pre-selected organizations

• Develop 3 final workshops that focus on fundraising and related management topics

 Collect and summarize workshop participant evaluations

• Oversee the allocation of the Clinic’s budget

• Oversee use of technical assistance funds by five organizations including reviewing contract and work

of independent contractors

• Develop final report to the supporting foundation

• Perform additional services upon terms as mutually agreed upon

• A strong history of successful fundraising experience

• Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

• Understanding of Native American community organizations, cultures and processes

• Self‐ directed and ability to multi‐task

• College degree in the social sciences or relevant field

• Ability to travel locally; have reliable transportation

If Interested: Send letter of interest, qualifications and three work related references (names & contact

information) to or mail to:

CAICC Search Committee

c/o Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Due Date: 2/9/2016 or until filled.