Fundraiser: Coil Mound for Indigenous Futurity, organized by Fawn Pochel (AIC)

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“Join Fawn in raising money for the American Indian Center- Chicago and 4000N to complete the Coil Mound Project at Horner Park. The Coil Mound is an earthwork designed by artist Santiago X, an acclaimed Indigenous futurist who aims to reinvigorate the ancestral mound building practice of his Koasati people.

As one of the primary goals of this installation, the activation of the chosen site connects to the river as a key design element. The regional Indigenous community has a storied past and thriving contemporary culture centered on connections to our waterways. The reintroduction of Indigenous mound-building taking place in contemporary culture with a resounding precedent of its presence here in the Midwest calls for the necessity of embedded educational components.” (

Here is the link for the GoFundMe.