Seeking Independent Contractor Consulting Services

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About CAICC: It is a network of Native American organizations and programs that joined together in 2012 to collectively work on improving conditions for Native Americans in the Chicago-area. An administrative oversight committee consisting of representatives from each organization establishes the policies and procedures for CAICC. However, the agenda of CAICC consists of action plans that were formed through a community-wide planning process involving all the stakeholders: organizations, individuals, families, etc. CAICC is committed to maintaining this “ground-up” grassroots approach to community planning and change. 

Scope of Services Sought: CAICC seeks the services of an independent contractor consultant- to serve as a coordinator.  The contract period is for approximately 6 months, estimating 20 hrs/week on average. 

Scope of services to be provided consist of the following: 

  • Provide strategic support to the Administrative Oversight Committee (AOC)
  • Coordinate budgeting and fundraising activities 
  • Priority is to write proposals and grants to support the mission 
  • Ensure organizational records and data are collected and organized in a shared drive
  • Develop reports to fiscal agent and funders for AOC review and approval
  • Coordinate and facilitate action plans 
  • Coordinate group trainings and committees
  • Maintain communication systems including social media and web page 
  • Provide minimal support to CAICC committees 
  • Develop joint work with CAICC allies and partners 
  • Work in coordination with other CAICC independent contractors, if any

Skills and Competencies: 

  • Deep understanding of Native American communities, cultures, and processes, preferably including the Chicago-land area 
  • College degree in the social sciences or related field 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-directed and independent
  • Website/social media management skills
  • Experience in organizing and developing community service programs 
  • Experience and knowledge with facilitation and conflict resolution strategies
  • Experience managing budgets 
  • Ability to travel locally; have reliable transportation 

Consulting Fee: 

The consulting fee is at a flat rate of $500 per week. If interested, send a letter of interest, highlighting your former consulting work, a resume and three work-related references that includes at least one former client.  (names & contact information) to:

CAICC, Administrative Oversight Committee
Attention: Cynthia Soto
Application Deadline: May 15, 2020