Towards Building American Indians’ Futures: The Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative’s 2020 Report on Education & COVID-19 Related Data

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CAICC’s research report is out!! This report, funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Visionary Ventures NFP Corporation, was completed with a research partnership between the Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative (CAICC) and an entirely Indigenous research team at Northwestern University- Dr. Beth Redbird, an assistant
professor of Sociology at Northwestern University, Carrie Stallings, a PhD student of Sociology at Northwestern University, and Katherine Castillo Valentin, a Masters student of Higher Education Administration and Policy.

Collectively, the research team, CAICC, and all those involved have brought to light the rich and important history and contemporalities of the urban American Indian community in Chicago. CAICC sees this report as one way to disrupt the far too common deficit narratives related to community organizations serving American Indians. In doing so, we hope to paint not only a more remarkably beautiful but also a more accurate portrayal of the ways in which urban American Indian focused organizations, particularly in Chicago, work successfully to nurture its resilient community. The report highlights the importance of data and data-driven decision making for American Indian community organizations. Our own communities are a rich source of information that can inform new, more precise interventions and encourage community collaboration. This report presents data and recommendations on Education and COVID-19 related data from the Chicago American Indian community.

Check out our Research & Publications page to read the report and learn more.