Lighting The Fire Community Sweatlodge

Brian Frejo leads the Community Sweatlodge and Sarina DiMaso hosts the AIHSC Culture Program’s Community Sweat Lodge.

Each tribe has its own sweatlodge ceremonial origin story. The ceremony, conducted for purification, cleansing, renewal, healing and prayer, can be shared with individuals and groups. It is a strength and spiritual-based holistic approach to healing and wellness in a community setting. Brian Frejo leads the sweat ceremonies with guidance, education about the procedures of a sweat, and sings with drum to lead the ceremony and sweat.

Please text Sarina DiMaso for location
Sweatlodges held in Wilmington, IL 60481. Please text Sarina DiMaso at 872-801-1257 for location. More info: Brian Frejo at [email protected] or Sarina DiMaso at [email protected].


Jan 24 2024


6:30 pm

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