Media & Outreach Committee


The mission of the CAICC Community Outreach and Media Committee (COMC) is to create and support information sharing within and outside the CAICC community to expand the media communication and coverage of Chicago American Indian community issues and concerns.

Current Initiatives

This committee is dedicated to increasing community visibility and media coverage through public media outlet press contacts and Native focused media programming, with a focus on including youth and elders and eliminating stereotypes.

Contact Information

For more information contact Dr. Dorene Wiese at 773.550.9600 or [email protected].

Meeting Times
The CAICC Outreach and Media Committee meets the second Thursday of each month at noon, at the American Indian Association of Illinois, 6554 N. Rockwell, Chicago, IL 60645.
  • Participated in expanded communication between all education programs and services through the increased writing of articles, flyers, social media announcements and other communication. This included encouraging the submission of events to the monthly calendar of community events published by Title VII and the development and updating of a Facebook group page by AIAI and the contribution of information and design ideas for the CAICC website. The CAICC Facebook group page has 350 members.
  • Developed a six-minute funders briefing video to highlight American Indian history and current needs in Chicago, titled:  Chicago Has Always Been Indian Country, seen by over 1,200 people on Vimeo.
  • Participated in new oral history program in collaboration with the Northwestern University, Journalism
  • Department, which will increase articles and videos to YouTube and the web presence of American Indians in Chicago.
  • Highlighted local talent, such as artists, musicians, actors, and youth on Facebook and other social media on a weekly basis.
  • Secured new media contact resources from Northwestern University faculty member.
Organization/Programs Involved
In addition to the following organizations and programs, the CAICC Education Committee is supported by the work of almost all CAICC members who work to add to the media resources and contacts generated by the CAICC members.

  • American Indian Association of Illinois
  • DCFS/Indian Child Welfare Advocacy Program
  • Native American House, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Northwestern University, Journalism Department
  • Voices From the Circle