Member Organizations


The members of the Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative are dedicated to furthering diverse causes and the greater well-being of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and First Nations people in the Chicago area. We seek to maximize effectiveness by creating a forum for fostering mutual aid, political support, positive public recognition, strategic alliances, collaborations, and partnerships.

CAICC will convene organizational leaders and members of the Chicago American Indian community for dialogue, advocacy and planning with the goal of empowering CAICC to better address the issues and needs of the American Indian community.

Purpose & Scope

  • Establish a common vision and mission for the Chicago American Indian community;
  • Develop a comprehensive service and development model for the urban setting;
  • Move towards collaborative community relationships internally and externally;
  • Promote understanding and respect for our culture and communities, including the social, economic, and spiritual spheres.
  • History
  • Steering Committee