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Native American Summit 2024

Venue: Illinois State Capitol, Springfield Illinois

Chicago’s Native American community will meet the legislators again at the inaugural Native American Summit.

NAS 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Make your voice heard, meet with legislators. Travel and meals provided.

Know Before You Go

The Summit

What should I wear?

Wear something that shows your Native American pride! It could be a ribbon skirt or shirt, a beaded medallion, hat, or other garment or accessory.

We recommend wearing comfortable footwear in case there is a lot of walking around the capitol.

Can I bring signs or banners?

Signs, banners, and placards are permitted as part of a permitted activity. All supports for these items must not exceed ¾ of an inch at their largest point, have dull ends, and cannot in any way be construed as a weapon. Any display of signs, banners, placards, and related items is strictly prohibited inside all Congressional Buildings. Any signs or literature cannot contain promotional advertisements or solicitation.

The Trip

Where are the bus pick up locations?


  • Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, 3001 Central St, Evanston


  • Southside: Tunica-Biloxi Chicago Branch Office, 600 W Cermak Street
What time should I arrive and when does the bus leave?

Northside pick-up leaves the Museum at 5:45AM.

  • Arrival is 5:30 AM and Departure is at 5:45 AM
  • Note: if you arrive later than 5:45AM, you will be late and you are welcome to meet us at the second stop which is in Chinatown

Southside pick-up leaves at 6:40AM.

  • Arrival is 6:25AM and Departure is at 6:40AM
What can I bring with me on the bus?
Every rider can carry a small bag (like a book bag) and store larger items (like lawn chairs) in the undercarriage. No alcohol is allowed on board or on the State Capitol grounds. No glass containers allowed. The following items are prohibited at all times on Capitol Grounds: any firearm, explosive, club, missile, chemical, or other incendiary device or other weapon. It is also prohibited to use or display any open flame including, but not limited to, ignited candles, torches, lanterns, or lamps. Flashlights and other battery-powered lights are permitted.
Can I leave my stuff on the bus?
Yes. You’ll take the same bus to and from your event, so you can leave non-valuable items you will not need during the event on board the bus.


How much will the event cost?
Participation is free! Meals and transportation costs will be covered
Can I bring my children with me?
Kids are definitely welcome to join. Be sure to bring any specific items with you that they will need such as a stroller, extra snacks, books, and devices.
What are the safety measures in place?
The safety of our participants is of top priority. We are asking all participants to remain at home if they are not feeling well or may have been exposed to COVID-19. Please be mindful of our communities and self-monitor any symptoms.
If i’m driving separately, can I come down early or stay late?
That’s up to you. Because CAICC is providing transportation for the day of only, we will not be able to reimburse you if you make your own travel arrangements.
If I’m driving on my own, where can i park?

Free Parking, including bus parking, is available at the State Capitol Complex Visitors’ Center which is located on Edwards Street between College and Pasfield Street. Designated handicapped parking is found at the front of the lot. All lots are fully wheelchair accessible

Metered parking (free on weekends) can be found along Monroe Street and along Edwards Street in front of the Illinois State Museum. Carefully read signs or you will get a ticket.

After I park, where do I go?
Head over the the Rotunda at the Illinois State Capitol Building at 401 S 2nd St, Springfield, IL 62701.

Native American Summit 2022

Make your voice heard, meet with legislators.

On November 16, 2022, the Native American Summit was held at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, IL.

The summit brought together leaders from Native American communities in Chicago to discuss issues of importance to their communities and to share best practices.