Youth, Adult, and Elder

Louis Delgado Volunteer of the Year Award

Nominate exceptional volunteers who make a real impact within our Native American community. These forms are your opportunity to celebrate those who go above and beyond in their support of our mission. Join us in recognizing these outstanding contributors.

Become a volunteer

Embrace the CAICC experience by volunteering in our Native American community. Dive deep into our rich cultural heritage, contribute to meaningful initiatives, and forge lasting connections with community members. Whether you’re passionate about education, cultural preservation, or community development, your unique skills and perspectives are invaluable.

Join hands with us to create positive change, foster understanding, and leave an indelible impact. Together, we can build bridges, share wisdom, and celebrate the spirit of unity. Come, be a part of something truly special!

Become a sponsor

We’re reaching out with a warm invitation for you to become a cherished sponsor within our Native American community. Your support can help fuel our cultural preservation efforts, educational initiatives, and community development projects. Together, we can weave a brighter future, celebrate our rich traditions, and uplift generations to come.

Let’s join forces and make a meaningful difference, all while fostering a spirit of unity and growth. Ready to embark on this inspiring journey with us? We’d be honored to have you on board!